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CBJectively Speaking (pronounced Subjectively Speaking) is a Columbus Blue Jackets podcast hosted by Jeremy Paul and Laura Norman. Join Jeremy and Laura as they take an informed yet purely subjective look at what it’s like to be a member of the 5th Line. These two best friends bring a unique, inclusive, and open-minded perspective to being a hockey fan and spend a lot of time laughing in the process. No matter your hockey knowledge or experience, CBJectively Speaking is a podcast for all fans!

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Jeremy Paul & Laura Norman

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224. 5th Season, Same Us, New CBJ? CBJectively Speaking

On this episode, we discuss the technical start to the 2024-2025 NHL Season: Free Agency! Sean Monahan dons the Union Blue after signing a 5.5 million dollar AAV deal for five years, Jack Johnson returns to the 614, and we've got a ton of departures to discuss. PLUS, what does arbitration really mean, and when are we going to have a coach?Plus, we send Laura lots of love as she prepares for her second surgery!Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Thread, and Twitter: @CBJectivelyPodCheck us out on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube: CBJectively SpeakingRate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen!Check out our website: www.cbjectivelyspeaking.comCheck out our merchandise: www.cbjectivelymerch.comJeremy's Stories: https://insidetherink.com/author/jpaul/Laura's Stories: https://insidetherink.com/author/lnorman/
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