Alex Meruelo

Alex Meruelo Relinquishes Rights to Arizona Coyotes and Branding

Remember that article posted the other day with the pros and cons of the Arizona State Land Department opting to cancel the June 27th land auction due to an unprepared expected future tenant? Remember the breakdown of the pros and cons? REFRESH: Delay of June 27th land auction allows AM to show how SERIOUS he […]

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Coyotes: One Last Hurrah – June 27th Land Auction

The Arizona Coyotes seemingly have one final huzzah (if you will) at keeping the NHL alive in State 48 for the foreseeable future, and it rides heavily on Alex Meruelo and the Coyotes ownership group’s performance at the City of Phoenix land auction on June 27th, now just six days away. In April, amidst a […]

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