Colton Parayko

5 People Who Influenced My Love for Hockey

Hockey isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay because football isn’t for everyone, either. For those unfamiliar with me, I grew up as a football fan first, with basketball and hockey in a virtual tie for second place. Hockey is exciting to watch as it’s an intense, fast-paced sport where players hit opponents, pass […]

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Lose One, Win One in OT: Stars Fall 4-3 in St. Louis, but Triumph 4-3 in Dallas

This past Saturday, the Dallas Stars traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, for a one-game road tilt against the St. Louis Blues. In case you missed it, Dallas lost to St. Louis 4-3 in overtime at the Enterprise Center. Dallas fell to 17-8-4, while St. Louis improved to 15-14-1. Stars goaltender Scott Wedgewood made 30 saves […]

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Player Profile: Colton Parayko

I once wrote an article on five things you probably didn’t know about St. Louis Blues defenseman Colton Parayko for SB Nation’s St. Louis Game Time. It’s as accurate this year as it was two years ago. But I’d like to write a new article that’ll essentially be a continuation. Here’s an updated player profile […]

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