Entry Level Contract

Berkly Catton at Kraken Development Camp

Berkly Catton Signs Entry-Level Contract With Seattle Kraken

Berkly Catton was Seattle’s eighth overall first-round pick in the 2024 entry-level draft and has shown a lot of promise for the Seattle Kraken organization since the start of Development Camp. On Friday, the final day of development camp, General Manager Ron Francis came out onto the ice to announce that Catton had agreed to […]

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When Can Newly-Drafted Prospects Break Through Into The NHL?

When do or can prospects make the jump to the NHL/AHL level? Most NHL prospects take 3-5 years post-draft to reach the NHL, with less than a third of first-rounders making an NHL team. Factors like skill development and individual progression dictate the timeline. Additionally, a strict NHL-CHL agreement impacts where prospects can play, depending on age. Any player under the age of 20 is ineligible to play in the AHL. NHL Entry Draft intricacies, entry-level contracts, Russian political issues and AHL stints shape a prospect’s journey.

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Bargain Bin: The Offseason Continues

This series has fallen under the radar, but I’m back writing a Bargain Bin. Buckle up for a lengthier piece. Otherwise, this Bargain Bin is jam-packed with news, rumors, opinions, and more. Let’s get into today’s edition of the Bargain Bin. Players Signing Overseas: I should mention that this list doesn’t include every single player […]

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