Kevin Cheveldayoff

Jets: Are We Just an NHL Farm Team?

Is this the best we ever get to be? A farm system for the “have” teams in the NHL? Could you prove me wrong? History and a boatload of statistics will say I am right. The Winnipeg Jets – “Just Good Enough.” Go back to the 80s and 90s. A winning season is followed by […]

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Jets: All Defensemen in the System

Last week we looked at forwards under contract. Now let’s open up the trunk and peek at the back end. Seventeen defensemen are under contract for next season already. Assistant GM Craig Heisinger said it a few years ago;  you can never have too many defensemen. They block shots. They get hurt. It’s a long […]

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Kevin Cheveldayoff & Rick Bowness

Rick Bowness Availability: “If I’m In His Chair, I’m Going After Trotzy Too!”

Welcome to Rick Bowness, the new head coach for the Winnipeg Jets.  The team held a press conference on Monday morning to show off their brand new (kind of) coach. I say kind of new because, though not precisely a retread, Bowness has been a 1) player, 2) assistant coach, and 3) head coach for […]

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Jets: Is Bowness The Right Guy?

Yes. Rick Bowness is the right man for the job. There. I said it. And why is he the right man? Because he is likely the best man left out of what was available. Or, better put, he was the only coach left with enough experience that was willing to come to Winnipeg. It doesn’t […]

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Paul Maurice: “It changed my personality and I turned into a big jerk!”

We haven’t heard much from Paul Maurice since he walked away from the Winnipeg Jets on December 17 last year. And now, with his recent signing as head coach of the Florida Panthers, we gain a little more insight into how this all came about. As he stated in his press conference at the time […]

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Jets: Coaching Update – Trotz Watch

Okay. Apparently, we still don’t have a coach. After several of my last posts, many comments sound like, “I don’t care about draft picks. We need to hire a F$%#ing coach!”  I get it. You are frustrated. Me too. This is what I do know. Two people are holding things up. Barry and Gary. As […]

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Jets: Is It Time To Move Connor Hellebuyck?

Remember when you held on to your iPhone 4 too long and then wanted a 7 Plus? And because you waited so long, your old iPhone was not worth anything? Right? Is that where we are with former Vezina winner Connor Hellebuyck? Whenever Jet GM Kevin Cheveldayoff used to get a call about Hellebuyck, it […]

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Barry Trotz

Jets: Why The Winnipeg Jets Must Hire Barry Trotz

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Barry Trotz was born in Manitoba. Barry Trotz played junior hockey in Manitoba. Barry Trotz coached junior and university hockey in Manitoba. The Jets don’t have a coach right now, and Barry Trotz needs a job. Easy fix, right? Right? Well, not so fast there. Trotz is […]

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Blackhawks Bombshells

When this investigation began in May, the hockey world was still in such disbelief that this could happen within the hockey community. Today we have some clarification on what took place in 2010. Reid Schar of Jenner & Block lead, designed and executed the investigation into the alleged assault by Brad Aldrich. 139 witnesses were […]

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