Mike Johnson

Rangers To Try and Survive Without Fox For Next Few Weeks

With the New York Rangers off to an 8-2 start, one would figure that all is good in their world, right? Unfortunately for the team and their fans, that assumption would be wrong. On Friday, November 3rd, the club found out that they will be without not only their best defenseman but one of their […]

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Loving The NHL Network

When it comes to sports channels, the popular ones all seem to be run by the professional sports leagues themselves. Channels like the NFL Network, MLB Network, and NBA TV all have solid viewership and are innovative in sports programming. In terms of these three particular channels, no one does it better than the NFL […]

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Why Kevin Weekes is Comparable to John Davidson

If you are a hockey fan, then you know our sport has a ton of outstanding analysts. Guys like Eddie Olczyk, Ray Ferraro, Brian Boucher, Mike Johnson, and many more. These guys all work hard, know this sport inside and out, and they make watching a game a great learning experience, With that said, my […]

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