Andre Tourigny is the Key to Coyotes Success


Andre “Bear” Tourigny has done an excellent job despite the questionable talent on ice at times for the Coyotes since being hired. And now, having won gold for Team Canada in the 23 world championship, he is now on the national radar. Going forward, let’s go over why Bear is the biggest key behind the Coyotes’ rebuild.

Progressing Already

Several players on the team have already seen massive leaps in their play, including Star player Clayton Keller. Bear has been crucial in putting players in those positions to succeed and grow and helping teach them how to take advantage of being put in those positions. He is a great developmental coach, as seen in his time in the CHL leagues. Despite a severe lack of depth and overall talent on his teams so far, Bear has managed to see the 22/23 team overachieve based on preseason projections and managed to make several of the core players, including center Barrett Hayton who was battling the bust label prior to the season, make great leaps again. Strategically and scheme-wise, Tourigny has some work to do but has already seen improvements there from his first year. His team played a tighter defensive game and made better in-game adjustments, seen in a more material way by the several multi-goal comebacks late in games this season. As the team gets more talent, these areas will show more and will help the team towards its goal.

What’s Next

Tourigny’s most important assignments are yet to come. His ability to grow and develop will be crucial for the upcoming players as they reach the NHL. Cooley and whoever they select at 6th overall will be the cornerstones to build around. Tourigny will need to get the most out of his players, and helping them take steps forward will be desperately needed as the Coyotes start climbing the standing in the future toward the eventual goal. Seeing how much better Keller has looked under Tourigny’s wing should have Yote fans absolutely ecstatic to see what he can do with Cooley. The future is bright, even if the Coyotes are looking at another rough season this upcoming one.

In Conclusion

On top of GM Bill Armstrong and staff needing to mail their draft picks and succeed in that area, Bear will be the centerpiece of trying to get the most out of those draft picks. Keller, Schmaltz, Hayton, and Crouse have all had career years under him, and Maccelli had a phenomenal rookie campaign. The idea of seeing the rest of the Coyotes’ growing prospect pool get that same chance is very exciting indeed.

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