ECHL Game Recap: Atlanta Gladiators vs. Trois-Rivières Lions | 03/22/2024

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The Atlanta Gladiators had back-to-back home games scheduled for the weekend. The first game was set for Friday night against the Trois-Rivières Lions. This match marked the third and final encounter between the Gladiators and the Lions, with their previous games resulting in split victories between the two teams.

The starting lineup for the Atlanta Gladiators: Brendan Datema (D), Jake Willets (D), Parker AuCoin (F), Nolan Burke (F) and Carson Gicewicz (F).

Spencer Kennedy and Reece Vitelli were scratched from today’s lineup, while Mitch Fossier and Tyler Harmon continue to remain on the injured reserve list.

In the Net:

  • Atlanta – Gustavs Grigals
  • Trois-Rivières – Zachary Émond

Period 1

Moments after we started the first frame, Dylan Carabia took a shot on goal, but it missed. Pierson attempted a strike on Émond, but it was blocked. On the other end of the ice, Gustavs Grigals made a crucial save after a Lions shot. The Gladiators then pushed towards the Lions’ net once more, with Brendan Hoffman’s shot being blocked, and the subsequent shot almost scored but ultimately missed.

Hoffman and Michael Marchesan had a chance to break away on an odd-man rush, but Christopher Ortiz blocked the puck. Jake Willets gained possession of the puck after taking a hit. Dylan Carabia attempted a shot on the net, thwarted by Émond’s glove save. Subsequently, the Gladiators seized another opportunity when Carson Denomie executed a takeaway, leading to Pierson’s shot being blocked.

Gladiators are diligently guarding the front of the net while also demonstrating offensive prowess. Grigals made a crucial save, followed by a swift clearance by the Gladiators. The Lions rush on the net on the turnover, but Grigals made the glove save on the shot by Cédric Montminy. He incurs a penalty for holding, resulting in Atlanta gaining a power play opportunity. They are unfortunately unable to take advantage of the man advantage.

The Lions, operating at full strength, thwarted Denomie’s attempt at a goal and subsequently cleared the puck. The Gladiators passed the puck back toward the Lions’ net, and Seth Benson took a shot on goal but was stopped. Zach Yoder’s shot aimed toward Pierson missed the net, and Pierson’s rebound attempt to score was thwarted by the Lions’ goalkeeper. After twenty minutes of play, we remained scoreless.

Period 1 – Shots on Goal:

  • Atlanta – 8
  • Trois-Rivières – 6

Period 2

After three minutes of play, the Gladiators initiate a breakaway, only to be intercepted by the Lions. The Lions’ Nicolas Guay secured the initial goal, getting past Grigals, who attempted to block a shot at the center but was unable to make the save. We are now 1-0, favor Lions (4:07). The Gladiators, who haven’t had a shot on goal this period so far, pushed the puck towards the Lions’ net and finally made an attempt.

The Gladiators had a promising opportunity for a goal as Robbie Calisti took a shot from the left side of the net but unfortunately missed. Grigals managed to make consecutive saves on shots by Novak.

The Gladiators seized a new opportunity when Pierson took a shot that Émond deflected. Following Marchesan’s initial strike, resulting in a tied score, Hoffman secured the goal off the rebound. The current score stands at 1-1 (13:55). Calisti was granted another opportunity on the net, yet Émond managed to make the save. Later, Calisti receives another opportunity but fails to capitalize as the shot is gloved.

Pierson checked Montminy, and then Yoder gained possession of the puck, passing it to Marchesan, who attempted a shot that narrowly missed the mark. The Lions secured a turnover, yet the Gladiators persisted. Beauregard attempted a shot, and Montminy swiftly followed suit, only to be thwarted by Grigals’ save.

During a breakaway, AuCoin passed to Gicewicz, who was subsequently halted by Émond’s save. Following this, in a 2-on-1 situation, Gicewicz attempted a shot on Émond, yet the attempt was denied. The second stanza concluded with an equal score of 1-1.

Period 2 – Shots on Goal:

  • Atlanta – 10
  • Trois-Rivières – 14

Period 3

The shot on net by the Gladiators’ Micah Miller is stopped by Émond. Then, a stunning slapper shot by Jackson Pierson gets gloved down. After, Hoffmann receives the penalty for slashing, sending the Gladiators on the PK for the first time. On a breakaway and shot by Powell, Émond gets another save. Upon full strength, the Hoffmann swiftly skated into the offensive zone, delivering a precise pass to Burke. However, Émond skillfully intercepted the puck with a glove save. Powell attempted to pass to Marchesan, who then took a shot but unfortunately missed.

Christopher Jandric had passed the puck to a fellow Lion, but the Gladiators gained possession of the turnover. Miller attempted a cross-the-ice shot on the net but was blocked. AuCoin sent the puck on to Gicewicz, and Willets would later make the shot. Unfortunately, the Lions’ netminder kept the Gladiators at bay. The Lions’ slapshot is deflected and intercepted by the Gladiators, who swiftly pass it down the ice. Cranford seizes possession of the puck but falls short of scoring.

On a slick shot by Hoffmann, but Émond gets the blocker save on the shot, despite the nice shot by the Gladiator. After a shot on goal, John Parker-Jones deflected the puck over the left shoulder of the net, getting past Grigals. This brings the score to 2-1 in favor of the Lions at 7:57. The Lions positioned in front of the net effectively prevent the Gladiators from making any attempts at getting a clear shot, stirring up the fans in the process. The Lions managed to score with just one shot on goal, contrasting the Gladiators who had several powerful attempts but failed to convert them into goals thus far.

Another shot is blocked by Émond and cleared out of play and into the net. Denomie made a shot but was also denied. Nicolas Guay receives a late penalty for tripping, giving Atlanta the man advantage. Shortly after the power play commenced, Micah Miller received a penalty for cross-checking, nullifying the team’s man advantage.

AuCoin secures the turnover, yet the Lions maintain a strong defensive stance and prevent any momentum from being gained by Atlanta. Atlanta gets a scoring chance when Calisti made a shot but then gets another chance on a backhand, but is denied. We return to full strength. Grigals gets shot on but he defends and dives for the puck, covering it. Datema confronts the Lions’ player as he moves to protect his goaltender after the play. Miller’s powerful shot missed the net as the Gladiators continued to advance.

With roughly two mites remaining, the Gladiators pull Grigals from the net. The Gladiators forced on the net but missed the net, they kept the puck in the zone working the puck. Willet’s shot then was blocked by Justin Ducharme. The Lions then got the empty net goal, pulling it to 3-1 in favor of the Lions as John Parker-Jones scored for Trois-Rivières. Undeterred, the Gladiators fight on until the buzzer, but we conclude the game with Atlanta falling to Trois-Rivières, 3-1 in regulation.

Period 3 – Shots on Goal:

  • Atlanta – 10
  • Trois-Rivières – 4

Three Stars:

1. TR – Z. Émond

2. TR – J. Parker-Jones

3. ATL – B. Hoffmann

On Saturday evening at 7 PM, the Atlanta Gladiators will hit the ice against the Orlando Solar Bears.

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  1. Was the second TR goal hit with a high stick and not have been counted? The Glads questioned it and the Bloyer didn’t want to even take a second look. The effort was there, the team didn’t deserve a loss.

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