ECHL: Swamp Rabbits Announce Playoff Roster

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Greenville, SC – As the Kelly Cup Playoffs are approaching, the Swamp Rabbits have made a series of announcements, including their playoff roster and LA Kings affiliation extension. Before they play game one on Sunday, April 21, against the Orlando Solar Bears, the Swamp Rabbits have released the official roster, which includes players on reserve and eligible call-ups. Under ECHL rules, a team may have a maximum of four active reserved players – this doesn’t include AHL/NHL eligible players who may get sent down during or before playoff games.

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The Goaltenders

Starting with the goalies, Jacob Ingham and Luke Richardson will be the primaries, as Ryan Bednard is currently backing up for Ontario Reign of the AHL. Ingham, 23, from Barrie, Ontario, played 34 games and won 17 of them this season for the Rabbits. The LA Kings drafted and contracted netminder, who stands at 6’5 and weighs 190 pounds, had a 2.57 GAA this season. Next is Luke Richardson, who was the reserve backup goalie for the Rabbits. Richardson, 24, played 12 games and won seven of them. The 6’3, 170-pound netminder, also from Barrie, Ontario, recorded a 2.19 GAA this season for the Rabbits. Playing for Greenville isn’t unfamiliar territory for Richardson, however, as he backed up for Ryan Bednard last postseason (22-23 season) against the Jacksonville Icemen; he even played two games at that time. Although it is unclear whether the Reign will send down Ryan Bednard to backup for Ingham before or during the first round of the playoffs, the veteran goaltender is eligible to be sent down and play during the playoffs since he is a contracted AHL player.

The Defensive Core

Now currently the Rabbits have listed eight d-men to their active roster. However, that is most definitely a paper move. Likewise, this is who they have listed. First is J.D. Greenway, who has rotated between a forward and d-man throughout the season; he has played 65 games, recording six goals and 18 assists for 24 points; he may transition from forward and d-man during the first round as he played forward on the final regular season game last Sunday (April 14). Next in line is Joe Leahy, who has played 69 games and recorded nine goals and 18 assists for 27 points this season; this is his second season in a Rabbits jersey, including the postseason from the 2022-23 season; he is the top point making d-man on the team. Jake Flynn is also listed, as he recently signed a contract with the Rabbits upon concluding his final collegiate season for UConn; he is 1-2 for three points after playing ten games. Rejoining the Rabbits for the second consecutive postseason is Tyler Inamoto, who is 2-3 for five points after ten games played; he is contracted with the Reign. And recently returning back to his former team is Sam Jardine, who spent the majority of the season in AHL Calgary; the former Rabbit played just eight games this season and recorded no points. Another returning face to play his third postseason for the Rabbits is Bobby Russell, who played 39 games and recorded 5-12-17 this season. Max Martin will also play in his second postseason for Greenville; he is 5-20 for 25 points after playing 46 games this season; he is contracted with the Reign. Max Coyle will play in his first ECHL postseason (54GP/2G-10A=12); he appeared in the 2023-24 LA Kings prospect camp prior to signing with the Rabbits. Listed as reserved and playoff-eligible are Logan Britt (reserved) and Wyatte Wylie (AHL). Britt recently signed a contract with the Rabbits after he played the 2023-24 season for the University of North Dakota; he played four games this season for Greenville and recorded an assist.

The Offensive Core

And last but not least are the forwards. Starting with the captain is Ben Freeman, who played 70 games and recorded 14-20 for 34 points; this is his third season for the Rabbits, and first as captain. Next is alternate captain Anthony Beauchamp, who is playing in his third season for the Rabbits (72GP-14G-17A=31PTS for the 2023-24 season). Tanner Eberle is playing in his second season for the Rabbits (64GP-17G-27A=44PTS 2023-24 season); he was the third-highest point-maker for the team this season. Ethan Somoza will play in his third season for Greenville (2023-24 season: 72 games played with 33 points for 17 goals and 16 assists). Colton Young will presumably play his second full postseason as he played two incomplete regular seasons for the Rabbits (This season: 6-10 for 16 points from 39 games played); he played 19 games for the Reign this season, earning two goals and two assists. Playing in his second postseason and regular season for the Rabbits, Carter Souch triumphed this season as the top point maker with 26 goals and 34 assists for 60 points – he even played a full season of 72 games. Souch also scored two hat-tricks this season. Up next is the highest point maker, Brannon McManus, who is also playing his second season for the Rabbits (After 71 games this season, 13 goals and 34 assists for 47 points). Next is Josh McKechney, the team’s second-highest goal scorer, who’s playing in his second season for the Rabbits (this season: 72GP 21-18= 39 PTS). Then the Rabbits have Nick Prkusic, who’s playing his first season in the ECHL (45 games played with four goals and 13 assists); he is 27 and previously played four seasons for NCAA Robert Morris University, serving his last two seasons as captain. The last active roster player on the list is Zach Tupker, who recently joined the Swamp Rabbits after playing his final season for Quinnipiac University during the 2023-24 season; he played four seasons for Cornell the season before; this season, he played just three games for the Swamp Rabbits and recorded a goal and an assist. On the reserved list is Brett Kemp (IR), Quinn Olson (active reserve), Nikita Pavlychev and Ryan Francis (AHL).

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