Golden Knights: The Race for a Playoff Birth

It’s abundantly clear that the Los Angeles Kings and the Vegas Golden Knights are in stiff competition. There’s no telling who will be in and out of the playoffs. One thing is clear, though, the Vegas Golden Knights need to start winning more games from here on out and stop worrying about the Los Angeles Kings record. Today, the Vegas Golden Knights play against Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals in what could be a preview of the Golden Knights’ playoff picture. Here are the realistic scenarios for a Vegas Golden Knights playoff berth.

Must win against playoff teams

I’m not saying that the Golden Knights can lose to all the non-playoffs teams and call it a night. It doesn’t work like that. The Golden Knights have three remaining games that they play against playoff teams, and if they win all those three games, it adds up to a possible six points, which the Golden Knights desperately need. The Golden Knights lost their game against the New Jersey Devils, making the Knights stay at 87 points, leaving them five points behind the Kings, who have 92 points. May I remind you that the Golden Knights have one game in hand against the Kings, so technically speaking, the Kings could lose one more game, leaving a chance for the Knights. That still may not be enough, though.

Los Angeles needs to start losing

I know in the beginning, I said that the Golden Knights have to stop worrying about the Kings schedule, but they do. The Kings have four more games ahead of them, and they have already won one of the most crucial games. Technically speaking, if the Vegas Golden Knights win today and their next game, they can be in third place due to the Knights having the tiebreaker over the Los Angeles Kings. The Knights need to step up their game and start winning.

A miracle on ice

This scenario is realistic, but not that realistic, but the Golden Knights could pull a miracle and win their remaining five games. If the Knights were to win their remaining five games, it would total them up to 97 points, which is not likely to happen. Not saying it can’t be done, but only time will tell. They would be in the playoffs if the Golden Knights were to win their remaining games and have 97 points. The Kings would still be one point ahead of the Knights, but the Knights have different opponents they’re chasing. Only time would tell what the Golden Knights will do to get into the playoffs.

I know I said in the beginning that the Vegas Golden Knights need to stop worrying about the Los Angeles Kings record, but I guess, in a sense, they have to make the playoffs. Everyone thought that Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights would be in stiff competition, but it’s the opposite.

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