Inside the Rink Playoff Predictions

The greatest tournament in professional sports is about to begin. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to see what some of Inside the Rinks writers and contributors think about this year’s post-season.

The Writers/Contributors:

Luca Perito– Covers the New York Rangers and Nashville Predators- @elbigcalzonelp

Spencer Lazary- Covers the Toronto Maple Leafs – @spencerlazary23

Clifton Ramey– Covers the Chicago Blackhawks – @TheRameyRunDown and @CueTheDagger

Garth Wickham– Covers the Detroit Red Wings – @garth_wickham

Nik Shermeto– Covers the Pittsburgh Penguins – @nshermeto

Connor Green- Co-Founder & Managing Editor @Inside_the_rink – @TheConnorGreen

Kevin Santangelo and Jacob Abenante– Covers the Boston Bruins – @CueTheDuckBoatz, @KevinSantangel0 @JacobAbenante – Cue’ The Duck Boats Podcast

Lane Golden– Covers the Edmonton Oilers- @OilersWhit

Matt Barry– Covers the Boston Bruins – @MrMattyBarry – Co-host @Bruinsbenders podcast

Jacob Berkowitz– Covers the New York Rangers- @JB_NYRfan- Co-host @NYPaingerspod

A higher seed that is on high alert for an upset: 

Luca- Carolina Hurricanes

Spencer- Carolina Hurricanes

Clifton- Carolina Hurricanes

Garth- Carolina Hurricanes

Nik- Calgary Flames

Connor- Carolina Hurricanes

Kevin and Jake- Carolina Hurricanes

Lane- Carolina Hurricanes

Matt- Edmonton Oilers

Jacob- Florida Panthers

Best first-round Series:

Luca- Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues

Spencer- Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues

Clifton- Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues

Garth- Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues

Nik- Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Connor- Los Angeles Kings vs. Edmonton Oilers

Kevin and Jake- Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues

Lane- Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Matt- Carolina Hurricanes vs. Boston Bruins

Jacob- Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

Series that will go to the most overtimes:

Luca- St. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche (R2)

Spencer- Los Angeles Kings vs. Edmonton Oilers (R1)

Clifton- Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues (R1)

Garth- Carolina Hurricanes vs. Boston Bruins (R1)

Nik- Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues (R1)
Connor- Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues (R1)

Kevin and Jake- Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers (R1)

Lane- Carolina Hurricanes vs. Boston Bruins (R1)

Matt- Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers (R1)

Jacob- Carolina Hurricanes vs. Boston Bruins (R1)

Biggest overall disappointment (East and West):

Luca- Colorado Avalanche (W) — Florida Panthers (E)

Spencer- Calgary Flames (W) — Washington Capitals (E)

Clifton- Edmonton Oilers (W) — Toronto Maple Leafs (E)

Garth- Minnesota Wild (W) — Florida Panthers (E)

Nik- Calgary Flames (W) — New York Rangers (E)

Connor- Colorado Avalanche (W) — Toronto Maple Leafs (E)

Kevin and Jake- Colorado Avalanche (W) — Carolina Hurricanes (E)

Lane- Calgary Flames (W) — Toronto Maple Leafs (E)

Matt- Edmonton Oilers (W) — Florida Panthers (E)

Jacob- Colorado Avalanche (W) — Florida Panthers (E)

Star player who’ll underperform:

Luca- Sergei Bobrovsky- FLA

Spencer- Johnathan Huberdeau- FLA

Clifton- Sidney Crosby- PIT

Garth- Kirill Kaprizov- MIN

Nik- Igor Shesterkin- NYR

Connor- Sergei Bobrovsky- FLA

Kevin and Jake- Mitch Marner- TOR

Lane- Mitch Marner- TOR

Matt- Connor McDavid- EDM

Jacob-Johnny Gaudreau

A non-household name that will bust out:

Luca- K’Andre Miller – Rangers

Spencer-Pierre Engvall – Leafs

Clifton- Brandon Hagel – Lightning

Garth- Dillon Dube – Flames

Nik- Nick Paul – Lightning

Connor-Trent Frederic– Bruins

Kevin and Jake- Matt Boldy- Wild

Lane- Evan Bouchard- Oilers

Matt- Phillip Danault – Kings

Jacob- Alexis Lafreniere– Rangers

Who is Canada’s best shot for bringing the cup back? 

Luca- Calgary Flames

Spencer- Toronto Maple Leafs

Clifton- Calgary Flames

Garth- Calgary Flames

Nik- Edmonton Oilers

Connor- Calgary Flames

Kevin and Jake- Calgary Flames

Lane- Edmonton Oilers

Matt- Calgary Flames

Jacob- Calgary Flames

Sleeper team from each conference to make the finals:

Luca- St. Louis Blues (W) — New York Rangers (E)

Spencer- Dallas Stars (W) — New York Rangers (E)

Clifton- Minnesota Wild (W) — New York Rangers (E)

Garth- Los Angeles Kings (W) — Boston Bruins (E)

Nik- St. Louis Blues (W) — Boston Bruins (E)

Connor- Los Angeles Kings (W) — Pittsburgh Penguins (E)

Kevin and Jake- Minnesota Wild (W) — Boston Bruins (E)

Lane- Edmonton Oilers (W) — Boston Bruins (E)

Matt- Los Angeles Kings (W) — Boston Bruins (E)

Jacob- Calgary Flames (W) vs. Boston Bruins (E)

Dream finals scenario (what you want to see):

Luca- Minnesota Wild vs. New York Rangers 

Spencer- Edmonton Oilers vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

Clifton- Minnesota Wild vs. Florida Panthers

Garth- Colorado Avalanche vs. Florida Panthers

Nik- Minnesota Wild vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 

Connor- Calgary Flames vs. Boston Bruins

Kevin and Jake- Minnesota Wild vs. Boston Bruins

Lane- Edmonton Oilers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Matt- Calgary Flames vs. Boston Bruins

Jacob- Los Angeles Kings vs. New York Rangers (I want revenge)

Stanley Cup Matchup (what you think will happen):

Luca- Calgary Flames vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Spencer- Colorado Avalanche vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

Clifton- Minnesota Wild vs. Florida Panthers

Garth- Colorado Avalanche vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Connor- Calgary Flames vs. Florida Panthers

Kevin and Jake- Calgary Flames vs. Florida Panthers

Lane- Edmonton Oilers vs. Florida Panthers

Matt- Calgary Flames vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Jacob- Calgary Flames vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Stanley Cup Winner:

Luca- Calgary Flames

Spencer- Toronto Maple Leafs

Clifton- Florida Panthers

Garth- Colorado Avalanche

Nik- Tampa Bay Lightning

Connor- Florida Panthers

Kevin and Jake- Calgary Flames

Lane- Edmonton Oilers

Matt- Calgary Flames

Jacob- Carolina Hurricanes

Conn Smythe Winner:

Luca- Matthew Tkachuk

Spencer- Auston Matthews

Clifton- Aleksander Barkov

Garth- Nathan MacKinnon

Nik- Cale Makar

Connor-Sergei Bobrovsky- FLA

Kevin and Jake- Johnny Gaudreau

Lane- Connor McDavid

Matt- Johnny Gaudreau

Jacob- Freddy Anderson

Your wildest prediction:

Luca- Only 1 division winner will make the conference finals.  

Spencer- Buffalo Sabres will make the wildcard spot next season.

Clifton- Wild make finals under the goaltending of Marc-Andre Fleury.

Garth- Panthers get upset by the Capitals in the first round.

Nik- If the Leafs beat Tampa, they will go all the way.

Connor- Canadian Stanley Cup Parade

Kevin and Jake- Toronto loses in 5 to the Bolts.

Lane- Jason Robertson leads the Stars to a shocking upset over Calgary in 7 games

Matt- Kings sweep Oilers.

Jacob- Calgary Flames will beat the Colorado Avalanche in the Conference Finals.

Over/Under .5 series wins for Toronto:

Luca- Under

Spencer- Over

Clifton- Under

Garth- Over

Nik- Under

Connor- Under

Kevin and Jake- Under

Lane- Under

Matt- Under

Jacob- Under

Over/Under .5 games Nazem Kadri gets suspended for:

Luca- Over

Spencer- Under

Clifton- Under

Garth- Under

Nik- Under

Connor- Over

Kevin and Jake- Over

Lane- Under

Matt- Under

Jacob- Over

Luca Perito

Born and raised in New York. I've lived in Arizona, Maryland, Delaware, and California. Love all sports. Twitter @elbigcalzonelp -- Instagram @thebigcalzone

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