Andreas Athanasiou

Game Preview: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins (40-30-10) take on the Chicago Blackhawks (25-46-6) tonight in the biggest game of the Penguins’ season so far. The Penguins have won their past two games and are looking to make the playoffs, while the Blackhawks have struggled poorly this season and have the worst record in the Western Conference. They are […]

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SEVEN! It’s Got Cache, Baby! Rangers Rout Chicago 7-1 For Seventh Win In A Row

Seven Goals. Seven wins in a row. The impetus to go with the “seventh heaven” headline was strong, but an underrated quote from a classic Seinfeld bit felt proper. Either way, the NY Rangers got some revenge and imposed their will on an inferior Blackhawks team with a 7-1 victory. So, let’s break it down. […]

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This Week On Oilers Hockey: 8

If Saturday’s matinee game isn’t the Edmonton Oilers in a freaking nutshell, I don’t know what is. Being down 3-0 after two periods against the Rangers, it looked like they’d go winless on their three game road trip, ending it on a very sour note. When that reality looked inevitable, the team exploded with a […]

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Philipp Kurashev

The Blackhawks are a must-watch team

If you have yet to tune in to the Chicago Blackhawks this season, you have missed out on the beat show in the Windy City! The Blackhawks have been absolute must-watch tv since the puck dropped on opening night. The start of the season has been a pleasant surprise as the Blackhawks were thrown to […]

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Lukas Reichel

Projected Blackhawks 2022-2023 Opening Night Lines

With the off-season coming to a blazing fast end, it’s time to take a look forward at what the 2022-2023 National Hockey League season will bring to the Chicago Blackhawks. With many new faces and heavy turnover on the roster, it shouldn’t be surprising that the lineup will look massively different from last season. So […]

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Patrick Kane

Blackhawks: Kane and Toews Staying, Breaking Down Free Agency

On the morning of free agency, all Blackhawks fans woke up to a gift from Frank Seravalli. Blackhawks fans can rejoice! Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews made their best Leonardo DiCaprio impression and are STAYING… IF AT ALL! But things could be a little murkier just as the last few seasons have gone for the […]

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Bruins Last Minute Collapses: Concern or Overreaction?

For those that have tuned into the last four Boston Bruins games, you have certainly noticed a pattern in three of those. Something that usually doesn’t happen to the Bruins has suddenly snuck up and left them snake bitten. While this is most likely an overreaction that every Bruins fan is hoping for, the uneasy […]

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