Anson Carter

Hockey Isn’t For Everyone, At Least Not For Now

The NHL says they’ll do one thing and then not follow through. Hockey isn’t for everyone, and it’s especially not for minorities. Well, at least not for now. Here are three reasons why. Racist events continue to happen in hockey at all levelsI won’t go into detail about the laundry list of racist incidents at […]

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Evander Kane Leaving the Hockey Diversity Alliance

Evander Kane is in the news again this Summer, this time leaving the Hockey Diversity Alliance. Otherwise known as the HDA, it was initially founded by a group of former players and hockey icons to help promote diversity within hockey and, most importantly, combat racism in the sport we love. The HDA has been controversial […]

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ECHL: 2022-23 Atlanta Gladiators Season Review

The Atlanta Gladiators ultimately did not reach their goal of making the Kelly Cup Playoffs and giving themselves a chance to compete for a championship. The Glads finished with a respectable 35-30-6-1 record. This record would have been good enough to make the playoffs in any of the other divisions. Unfortunately for the Glads, they […]

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