Brenden Dillon

Update On Capital’s Carlson Who Took a Slap Shot To The Face Friday Night

Whether or not you’re a fan of the player or the team, you never want to see a player get knocked out of a game due to an injury. On Friday night, the Capitals were struck a blow when veteran defenseman John Carlson took a puck to the face and required immediate assistance. During Friday’s […]

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Jets: All Defensemen in the System

Last week we looked at forwards under contract. Now let’s open up the trunk and peek at the back end. Seventeen defensemen are under contract for next season already. Assistant GM Craig Heisinger said it a few years ago;  you can never have too many defensemen. They block shots. They get hurt. It’s a long […]

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Andrew Copp

Jets: Trade Mark Scheifele; Bring Back Andrew Copp

Trade Mark Scheifele; Bring Back Andrew Copp Crazy right? Andrew Copp didn’t want to be a Jet, and Mark Scheifele is an elite level, point per game, number one center. Why on earth would Jet management want to do this? Bear with me, and perhaps I can sway your thinking. There has always been some […]

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