Dominique Kremer

New Policy for PHF Player Salary Disclosure

The PHF took a big step toward equity in women’s hockey today. They announced a policy for players to disclose their salaries. This has been a big topic across the league and even came up in the press conference announcing the new team in Montreal. In the past, PHF contracts contained a clause stating that players […]

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PHF 2022 Free Agent Signing Highlights

The PHF Free Agency has been open for a little over a month and a half and has provided fans with an abundance of excitement and shock. This off-season is unlike any other in the history of the league, with an increased salary cap and the option to sign players to a two-year deal for […]

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Buffalo Beauts: A fascinating offseason so far

The off-season choices by Buffalo Beats general manager Nathanial Oliver have been interesting. The first move of the off-season for the Beauts was the monumental signing of the once and future Beaut, Mikyla Grant-Mentis.  The Beauts have led the PHF in off-season signings, standing at thirteen signed players. The Beauts had to overcome the loss […]

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