Mark Messier

A Look Back At Crazy Offer Sheets in the NHL

As a New York Rangers fan, I am well aware of offer sheets. On August 7th of, 1997, the Blueshirts signed the great Colorado Avalanche forward Joe Sakic to a contract offer sheet of $21 million over three seasons. At the time, the team was looking to replace Mark Messier since the “Messiah” went and signed […]

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In Memory of My Dad

March 31 is a very bittersweet day for me. On the one hand, it is my birthday. I was born on March 31, 1983, which means that I am now 40 years old. On the other hand, March 31 also happens to be when my father died. On March 31, 2020, my dad died from […]

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Learning How to Stop A Breakaway From one of the Best

When it comes to being a hockey fan, there are many dreams that we all have. We all want our teams to win the Stanley Cup. We want to be able to touch hockey’s Holy Grail, andlastly, we all want to hang out with our favorite team and, more importantly, our favorite player. During the […]

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