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For the NHL and Other Major U.S. Sports Leagues, the Reckoning Is Coming

There has always been a connection between sports and gambling, but until a U.S. Supreme Court Decision in 2018 overturned a Federal ban on State-licensed sports betting, there was no direct connection between the gambling industry and the major sports leagues. Now, the two are intertwined so deeply that it is hard to remember the […]

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What if the NHL Added a Two-Point Shot?

In 2018, while writing for Full Press Coverage, I proposed a rule change for the NHL. This rule change would increase scoring in the league, which has seen scoring increase over the last two seasons. This was after scoring had either plateaued or dipped the previous two leaguewide. The appeal of watching a hockey game […]

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Marc-Andre Fleury Sets Active Major Sports Record

Since coming into the league, Minnesota Wild goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury has been elite as he continues to produce even at age 37. Due to his elite status and ability to stay healthy, Fleury has set an active record for all major sports, including the NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA. Fleury has now set the active […]

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