Florian Xhekaj Signs Three-Year Deal with Montreal Canadiens Following Standout Season

The 6-foot-4, 190 lb. left winger, Florian Xhekaj, known as “The Deputy” in homage to his brother’s nickname, “The Sheriff,” has made waves in the NHL scene. He recently signed a three-year contract with the Montreal Canadiens, following his standout season with the Brantford Bulldogs, where he notched an impressive 65 total points over 63 […]

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When Can Newly-Drafted Prospects Break Through Into The NHL?

When do or can prospects make the jump to the NHL/AHL level? Most NHL prospects take 3-5 years post-draft to reach the NHL, with less than a third of first-rounders making an NHL team. Factors like skill development and individual progression dictate the timeline. Additionally, a strict NHL-CHL agreement impacts where prospects can play, depending on age. Any player under the age of 20 is ineligible to play in the AHL. NHL Entry Draft intricacies, entry-level contracts, Russian political issues and AHL stints shape a prospect’s journey.

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Timothy Liljegren of the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Emergence of Timothy Liljegren and Where That Leaves the Leafs

Toronto’s 2017 1st round pick, Timothy Liljegren, entered the 2021-22 season under a lot of pressure to perform. Despite only being 22 years old, many in the media and the fanbase had already written him off as a career tweener despite clear year-over-year progression at the AHL level. He came to the AHL in his […]

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