Tom Barrasso

An Email Interview with Hockey Author Curt Solomon

It’s amazing the kind of hockey people you can be put in touch with via the Internet. I have the perfect example of this. Back in early February, I was searching for something on Patrick Roy and I came across a book called My Road Hockey Obsession by Curt Solomon. After reading a sample of […]

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Bargain Bin: Leafs, Bruins, Flames, Hockey Hall of Fame

One of the best things when it comes to rumors and news in the NHL is the fact that it is always so unpredictable and catches you by surprise. Let’s dive into today’s edition of Bargain Bin on Thursday, June 22nd. Toronto Maple Leafs It is no secret that the Toronto Maple Leafs have a […]

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It’s Ridiculous That Chris Osgood Is Still Not In The Hockey Hall Of Fame

It has been 12 years since former three-time Stanley Cup winning goaltender Chris Osgood has hung up his skates and retired from the NHL. For the 9th year of his retirement, Osgood did not get a call to be enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Why? Osgood was drafted in the 3rd round by […]

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Barrasso Finally Gets His Due

With the Hockey Hall of Fame announcing its new class on Wednesday, June 21st, one should have noticed that there was a theme that really had not been present before. That theme was goaltenders. This year, the selection committee announced that three goaltenders would be going into its Hall of Fame. One of them was […]

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Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Goaltenders and the Hockey Hall of Fame: Not Just About the Numbers

When one thinks of Hall of Fame caliber players in any professional sport, one usually thinks of an athlete with outstanding numbers, a plethora of personal awards, and who played a big part in helping their team win a championship. The Hockey Hall of Fame seems to be a different kind of animal. There have […]

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