Trade Rumors: Bruins in talks with Oilers on DeBrusk/Yamamoto trade

According to a source close to the situation, the Boston Bruins are currently talking with the Edmonton Oilers over trading Jake DeBrusk and Kailer Yamamoto. This trade scenario is not being talked about as a one-for-one trade; however, we are looking at the Bruins adding a sweetener in this trade.

Both Yamamoto and DeBrusk have been struggling on their perspective teams over the last one to two years, including DeBrusk requesting a trade out of Boston during the off-season. Yamamoto has found himself falling in the Oilers depth chart as he is not living up to a top-six talent as the Oilers hoped. That’s where I see a good fit for trade. Both sides have a player who isn’t living up to expectations and looking for a fresh look. There has been no doubt that Edmonton has been lurking around DeBrusk with the hometown glasses on, but is that enough?

Jake DeBrusk is in the final year of his contract with a base salary of 4.85m and an AAV of 3.675m. These numbers are significant in the context of DeBrusk being traded. While the Oilers would be adding the 3.675m against the cap this season, resigning DeBrusk to his QO will be a significant increase to 4.41m. This would be a substantial cap relief for the Bruins, who are looking to add Tuukka Rask back into the fold, along with pursuing defensive depth for a potential playoff run.
Before the Covid impacted seasons the last two years, Jake DeBrusk was a 0.5 point per game player or better through his first three seasons with the Bruins, including 16 playoff goals in 59 games. JDB was vocal about his struggles mentally/emotionally during the pandemic seasons, which makes total sense for the lack of production on his part.

Kailer Yamamoto is on a one-year deal with an AAV of 1.175m, leaving him an RFA at the end of the year. Yamamoto does not qualify for the multiplier on his QO and could be QO’ed at 1.175m again this offseason. Yamamoto has played through the top three lines on an offense-first Oilers squad yet still hasn’t produced offensively. Some connected to the situation believe that playing on a team with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl has stunted some of the growth for Yamamoto, a center playing the wing.

Potential Trade

To Bruins:

Kailer Yamamoto

To Oilers:
Jake DeBrusk
2021 3rd round pick

Overall this trade will address some issues on both sides. The Oilers are looking for a more proven winger who can score, especially in the playoffs. DeBrusk fills that void; a change of scenery, especially going home, will push DeBrusk to be more of himself again. At the same time, Yamamoto could slot in with the Bruins in the center position, which has been sorely lacking since the departure of David Krejci. Whether he slots in for the second-line center void or third line, this would be an improvement on a Bruins roster that is devoid of talented center depth for the future.

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Connor Green

Managing Editor | Inside the Rink

21 thoughts on “Trade Rumors: Bruins in talks with Oilers on DeBrusk/Yamamoto trade

    1. To take those two contracts the oilers would need to add either mcJesus or drai hahaha who wants to take turris 😅😅😅

  1. How does this benefit Oilers? Take on cap they don’t have? They can wait till summer when Debrusk isn’t qualified.

  2. Agreed that even one for one, this is a bad trade for the Oilers. What would the Bruins add to sweeten the pot?

    1. Sweeten the pot? 2 struggling first rounders each with 8 pts this season. It’s a bust for bust deal with risk and reward for both teams.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more I’m hoping this trade goes through as I love both teams and would be a pretty even send off for both struggling players

  3. Still think bruins are letting Rask train is to sign him cheap and trade. Already stated he would play anywhere. Debrusk worth is a minor league player in trade,nothing more. With maybe a package deal Rask/ Debrusk may look better to other teams.

    1. Not true. Rask has publicly (& loudly) stated that he ONLY will come back as a Bruin and wants no part of a sign & trade…he would retire if that happened.

  4. I think it’s more like Yamamoto and a 3rd for Debrusk. Yamamoto has shown nothing. At least Debrusk has shown he has speed and is great in shoot outs

    1. I’ve watched Debrusks play and he.just doesn’t have that spark he had when he first arived in Boston !
      Frustrates me as a Bruin fan because you know this kid has talent and can score but lacking IMHO is his effort and drive to be his best night in and night out.
      Maybe McDavid can tell him to just do his f÷£¥£€g job ! and all will be good… !

    2. We keep waiting for him to have his great year! He has run out of time! And I like him and know he has talent! The trade could boost his play! Maybe it will work got him there as it is not working for him in Boston in any way!

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more I’m hoping this trade goes through as I love both teams and would be a pretty even send off for both struggling players

  6. I’d make this trade right now! I’ve watched Debrusk past 4 years and yes the speed,talents well as under valued puck skill and when wants to bring a physical game. That being said he only “brings it” when he wants to. Infuriatingly frustrating. And give em a 3rd, he’ll make it a 2nd and a 3rd! It matters not when Sweeney is making the pick. Unless Chiarelli is coming back sadly draft picks mean nada to this proud franchise

  7. Oilers have enough floaters, only brings it when he wants to isn’t good enough, let alone at his cap hit. Keep Yamo, let the Bruins deal with Debrusk.

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