Winnipeg Jets 2024 Development Camp Roster and Schedule

Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets announced today their roster and schedule for the 2024 Development training camp starting Wednesday, July 3rd, and ending Sunday, July 7th at the Hockey For All Centre.

Practice sessions, which are available to the public, begin Thursday, July 4th at 9:30 am CST followed by a 12:30 pm CST media availability.

The Jets have 35 players attending the 2024 Development Camp highlighted by three goaltenders, 11 defencemen, and 21 forwards. The camp includes 17 players drafted by the Winnipeg Jets and 15 undrafted players. Nine of the 35 players who will be attending the camp have appeared for the Manitoba Moose. This list of players includes Dylan Anhorn, Colby Barlow, Carson Golder, Dmitri Kuzmin, Brad Lambert, Connor Levis, Chaz Lucius, Thomas Milic, and Danny Zhilkin.

The camp runs in half-hour sessions by position, starting with goaltenders (9:30 am), defencemen (10:00 am), and then forwards (10:00 am). This is followed by the 12:30 pm media availability as previously mentioned.

Forwards (21)

The list of forwards is as follows:

#12 Gavin Hodnett – (free agent invite)
#45 Max Namestnikov – (free agent invite)
#46 Kevin He
#49 Colby Barlow
#51 Chaz Lucius
#56 Danny Zhilkin
#59 Cole Huckins – (free agent invite)
#61 Fabian Wagner
#63 Zach Nehring
#65 Markus Loponen
#67 Jacob Julien
#74 Connor Levis
#76 Kieron Walton
#78 Carson Golder
#92 Kyle Penney – (free agent invite)
#93 Brad Lambert
#94 Kieran Cebrian – (free agent invite)
#95 Ty Daneault – (free agent invite)
#96 Nathan Brown – (free agent invite)
#97 Luke Mistelbacher – (free agent invite)
#98 Tommi Mannisto – (free agent invite)

Defensemen (11)

The list of defensemen is as follows:

#38 Ben Zloty – (free agent invite)
#41 Ryan Koering – (free agent invite)
#47 Dylan Anhorn
#48 Alfons Freij
#57 Elias Salomonsson
#58 Dmitry Kuzmin
#68 Garrett Brown
#79 Ben Robertson – (free agent invite)
#80 Graham Sward – (free agent invite)
#87 Frank Djurasevic – (free agent invite)
#88 Hunter Mayo – (free agent invite)

Goaltenders (3)

The list of goaltenders is as follows:

#32 Thomas Milic
#35 Alex Worthington – (free agent invite)
#50 Domenic DiVincentiis

This serves as a nice springboard into the Winnipeg Jets’ off-season as they have lots of new changes to make this upcoming year. The Manitoba Moose and Norfolk Admirals could be supplemented too by this camp.

Conrad Jack

Conrad Jack is a lifelong hockey fan who is now actively writing for Inside The Rink covering primarily the Winnipeg Jets and the entire NHL second. He also covers the latest NHL News & Rumors, the NHL Entry Draft, and so much more for Inside The Rink.

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