Author: Guy Bensing

Guy Bensing is a retired Navy vet and aspiring writer and journalist. He is a lifelong sports fan and follows mostly St. Louis Based teams including the Blues Cardinals and the City SC. He is the owner and operator of and hosts the BlueNote Fan Report on YouTube and Facebook

Blues: The Shots that brought down the Avalanche

The St. Louis Blues season seemed doomed. The Colorado Avalanche had St. Louis fans cussing up a storm, not once but twice. All-world Nathan MacKinnon was on a mission to do so. In a span of four minutes and 46 seconds, those who cheer for the Note went from doom and gloom to hope, back […]

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St. Louis Blues: They are who we thought they were

Just before the NHL Playoffs started, on the BlueNote Fan Report, a vodcast I host, my co-hosts and guests brought it up many times that what happens in the regular season does not matter in the playoffs. On the other hand, I felt like this might not be valid for the St. Louis Blues. The […]

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