Author: Isaac Swartz

PHOTOS: PWHL New York vs. PWHL Minnesota – 03/16/2024

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The St. Patrick’s day festivities for the town of St. Paul included a decisive 5-1 win by the home team PWHL Minnesota over PWHL New York. This puts Minnesota on a four-game win streak and keeps them in second place as New York retains its last position. Check out this photo […]

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PHOTOS: PWHL Toronto vs. PWHL Minnesota – 02/27/2024

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn – Tuesday night, PWHL Minnesota lost a thriller to PWHL Toronto in overtime. After Sofie Jaques scored in the last minute of play, Minnesota tied up the game at 3-3. Toronto was able to pull of the OTW with a goal from Sarah Nurse which keeps their February win streak alive. Toronto did […]

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PHOTOS: PWHL Boston vs. PWHL Minnesota – 02/25/2024

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Sunday afternoon, PWHL Minnesota lost a heartbreaking game to PWHL Boston 2-0. With over 40 shots on goal, PWHL Minnesota just couldn’t find the back of the net, giving Aerin Frankel the shutout for PWHL Boston. This marks their first game with Taylor Heise on the LITR, with the former number-one draft […]

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