Author: Spencer Guerreiro

Auston Matthews and Tyler Bertuzzi

Leafs’ First Week Observations

The Leafs have played in two regular season games so far this season: a 6-5 chippy win over the Montreal Canadiens and a “much closer than the score suggests” win over the Minnesota Wild. It’s time to overreact to early games! *Play Hall & Oa…Pursuit of Hap…whatever song you want* Auston Matthews is back, baby! […]

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Ilya Samsonov

Should the Leafs Be Worried About Their Goaltending?

I’ve been seeing this question a lot on social media since the end of training camp. It’s probably a question that needs to be answered. And that answer is “no”. For those who haven’t been keeping track, Ilya Samsonov played three games and finished with a 2.96 GAA and .879 save percentage. Joseph Woll played […]

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My Most Anticipated Leafs Games of 2023 – 2024

Going into this upcoming season, there are a handful of games that I’m looking forward to watching. Whether they’re face-offs against old friends or big events that take place on a global scale, these five games should be great entertainment. October 11, 2023, vs Montreal Canadiens (2-1-1) Not only is this the first game of […]

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Matt Murray

What is “Robidas Island”?

On Wednesday, it was announced by the Toronto Maple Leafs that Matt Murray and his whole $4.867 million cap hit would be placed on LTIR, essentially meaning it won’t count against the Leafs cap hit in the coming 2023-2024 season (It’s a little more complicated than that, but for the sake of ease, that’s what […]

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Leafs Goalies Jack Campbell and Frederik Andersen

The Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Franchise Goalies

In the first round of the 2005 Entry Draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs selected a goalie with the 21st overall pick. This goalie would go on to become the winningest goalie in franchise history, leading them to 3 Stanley Cup Finals and 1 Stanley Cup victory while also winning a Vezina Trophy and William M. […]

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The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Definition of Insanity

If you’re a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, you experience a lot of emotions. After all, it is “the Passion that unites us all,” and Leaf’s fans most certainly have Passion. Over the last several years, how the seasons have ended brought out many emotions. In 2020, it was an embarrassment. “How could we […]

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