Daily Fantasy Sports: $0 to $500, How many weeks will it take?

My name is JC, and I am trying to go from $0 in DFS hockey profit to $500 while documenting my journey and sharing the process/picks along the way with you. I play high-stakes fantasy football and baseball on sites such as FFPC and NFFC yearly. I play DFS football during the weeks I have time to put together lineups with adequate research time. I generally stick to the 3max entries or single-entry lineups. I am not using a huge bankroll and generally am playing less than $200 a Sunday, depending on what time I have for lineup building. So, my game plan is to start playing in hockey contests, which I have little experience with, but hockey is a big part of my family’s life and a passion of ours. I figured I would try to apply some of my Football tactics to the NHL DFS arena. I hope that my processes can be of help to others playing or looking to get into Daily Hockey.

Below are a few keys to keep in mind during the journey as well as a breakdown of some specific contest types.

What to expect:

1. I will only enter contests on days that I can research the matchups and Vegas lines.

2. I will not play any slates with less than four games being played.

3. I am starting with a $5 dollar contest entry budget; this will make contest selection crucial in the early going. I cannot spend more than $5 until I have reached a profit of $25 or higher. If all goes well, I will increase my limits as the profit grows, hopefully. I will increase my entry limits by $5 for every $25 in profit throughout the process.

Intro for those new to the game!!

Daily Fantasy Hockey (DFH) has emerged as a popular and engaging way for sports enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the excitement of professional hockey. While knowledge of players, strategies, and matchups is essential, one often overlooked aspect of DFH success is contest selection. This article will delve into the significance of contest selection and how it can greatly impact your chances of success in DFH.

1. Understanding Contest Types

DFH platforms offer a variety of contest types, including head-to-head, 50/50s, and Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs). Each comes with its own set of risks and rewards.

– Head-to-Head: These contests pit you against a single opponent. They offer a more consistent return on investment (ROI) but require careful opponent selection to maximize profits.

– 50/50s: In these contests, roughly half of the participants double their entry fee, making them a lower-risk option. The goal is to finish in the top half of the field.

– GPPs: Guaranteed Prize Pools are large-scale tournaments where only a fraction of participants win prizes. While they offer substantial payouts, they come with higher variability and greater competition.

2. Bankroll Management

The choice of contest type should align with your bankroll and risk tolerance. Playing high-stakes GPPs with a limited bankroll can lead to quick losses. Conversely, consistently entering low-stakes head-to-heads may limit potential winnings. A balanced approach ensures long-term sustainability and minimizes the risk of going bust.

3. Leveraging Player Knowledge

Contest selection allows you to leverage your strengths and insights. If you excel in analyzing player performance and matchups, head-to-head or 50/50 contests might be your best bet. On the other hand, if you enjoy taking calculated risks and have an eye for under-the-radar players, GPPs may be more appealing.

4. Recognizing Skill vs. Luck

Different contests require varying levels of skill. Head-to-head matchups often involve more skill-based competition, where knowledge of players and game strategy can give you an edge. GPPs, on the other hand, have an element of luck due to their large fields and top-heavy payouts. Recognizing this distinction helps in choosing contests where your strengths are most advantageous.

5. Tailoring Strategies to Contest Types

Contest selection influences your strategic approach. In head-to-head contests, a conservative lineup with dependable players may be the way to go. In GPPs, diversifying your lineup to include high-upside, low-owned players can pay off big if they outperform expectations.


Contest selection is a fundamental aspect of DFS success that is often underestimated. By understanding the different contest types, aligning them with your bankroll and skill level, and tailoring your strategies accordingly, you can significantly increase your chances of profitability in daily fantasy hockey. Remember, it’s not just about picking the right players; it’s also about choosing the right contests.

Any contest I enter, I will snapshot the lineup before and after sharing the scoring and standings. I will note my lineup building strategy in detail, and I will do the same with the contest entry decisions as well. My hope is that this process will generate a community where we can share ideas, processes, and helpful tips to benefit all that are engaging in this journey.

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Father of 3, Bruins, Red Sox, Cubs, Liverpool, Syracuse football and Basketball Fan. Love Fantasy Football, Baseball and Hockey. If I am not at work, I either at an ice rink, Ball field or spending quality time with my family.

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