Devils Fans Reveal Their Favorite Memories Since Joining The Jersey Wagon

New To New Jersey

In 1982, the Garden State were finally ready to put their first sports franchise on the ice. New Jersey, before having their own team, was and still is a split between mostly Northern Rangers Fans and the Southern part of the state holds most of the Jersey Flyers fans. So when the Devils came to town, many changes were made. Family traditions were crushed, but not unlike a phoenix, new fans rose from the ashes. Today, the New Jersey Devils have fans that range from newborns to centenarians. They all have different memories that they cherish. Some of them were shared with me, so let’s get into them.

@DevilsJointX on X, the post that brought these stories.

Devils Fans New And Old Share Their Memories

“Without question the Chicago win to Make playoffs for first time while knocking the Rangers out at the same time…video of Rangers watching game live was classic[sic]!!!!”

Jeff Lichtstein @Devjeffmets on x

“Patrik Elias’s last game. It was a helluva game and I was an emotional mess.”

@AshleyLora23 on X

“Saw the Cup clinchers at home in ’95 & ’03. ’95 the whole building shook. ’03 we had 2 tix to split between me, my dad & brother. Dad said me & bro could go to G7 by ourselves & he’d wait in the lot. He sweet talked the usher to let him in & all 3 of us watched history together.”

@tommurphytweets on X

Heartwarming Memories

“This is gonna sound so lame but it’s honestly just sharing the love of the devils with my dad. he brought me to my first game when i was young and it’s been our thing ever since.”

@HonestlyAshley_ on X

“Very personal, but when I was 10 I drew Martin Broduer and it got featured in Sports Illustrated for Kids. The Devils org honored me by giving me a stick signed by Marty along with him signing the magazine. Later that year I met Doc Emrick and he signed a copy of the mag as well”

@AlexGaggio on X

“I have much older memories and much more hockey related, but best was being there November 2022 for Cancer Night v Oilers. My daughter is 8 and is more than 2.5 years into a brain cancer battle. Devils beat Connor and is a memory my brother and I will never forget.”

@therealJZiii on X

More Memories

“Attending their 1st Cup party in 95 at the meadowlands where we got to celebrate with the players and touch the Cup!”

@devschik on X

“First cup in 95!!! The meadowlands was rocking!! Thought the arena was going to crash down!!”

@shelwell on X

“Johnny Mac’s goal in 88 was my first real hockey memory, my Dad let me stay up late to watch!”

@timwuud on X

“First Stanley Cup. Sweeping the Red Wings in that series was amazing.”

@nankno07 on X

“Watching Henrique’s OT winner in 2012 live was incredible but the entire game 7 of the rangers series last season was probably the best I’ve ever felt watching a Devils game, specifically McLeod’s goal. I still get chills”

@ilikepieohyah on X

Devils Joint on X and YouTube

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Memories Continued.

“The time me and my bro got so wasted in the parking lot at continental arena and almost missed the entire game. I miss the old arena so much :(.”

@philthyphill85 on X

“In his last season on the ice PK Subban was playing with Jack Hughes. Jack took a vicious hit — which injured him — and PK immediately went over and ripped the guy apart. I was at the game and saw everything — including the refs’ panic at PK’s intense anger. PK cared for Jack.”

@shybiker1234 on X

“Patty flings a backhand pass across to Arnott who scores past a Belfour who can do nothing but throw a leg in the air to try and stop it. Arnott’s running celebration tells you how massive it was to score the game winning goal”

@OFKozi on X

“I remember this goal (Arnott) so vividly as I forced everyone at my friend’s apartment to watch hockey with me. The other cup wins were great but this one really stands out in my mind.”

Robert Cooley @squwearley on X

Thanks for checking out all these wonderful Devils fans’ memories soon, I will be doing a profile on a Devils fan from Brazil and how she came to become a fan of a team in New Jersey. The Devils have been looking good lately so let’s hope they keep it up and possibly make a move for a goalie. Who knows?

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Joseph Stassi

Joseph Stassi is a Writer/Musician from New York. He covers the New Jersey Devils on X @DevilsJointX and YouTube with the same handle.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these memories. So cool to see what the Devils’ fans remember and feel is their favorite. Lots of good things to go back and watch if one is unfamiliar with any of these moments.

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