Five Teams That Could Trade For Toews

Jonathan Toews

Coming into the season, Jonathan Toews had zero to no trade value. However, that is no longer the case. Toews has easily been the best player for the Blackhawks through the first fifteen games. With seven goals and three assists, Toews already has ten points. Toews will easily pass his goal mark of twelve last season. Toews is back, and in a significant way, his production goes beyond the stat sheet. Toews has been working his tail off this season, the most night he stands out amongst the Blackhawks. Toews isn’t up to the Selke standards in the defensive end, but he’s pretty close. Toews can still limit other teams’ top players. In addition, he is an above-average penalty killer. Not to mention he is just MUGGING everyone in the faceoff dot with a percentage of 64.29%.

With Toews being back and producing, it makes his cap hit more reasonable to be traded when the trade deadline gets closer if Toews decides it is time to chase a fourth Stanley Cup in a new city. Toews’s leadership, experience, and ability to dominate a game in the faceoff dot will make Toews a hot commodity. Let’s look at five teams that could be interested in acquiring Toews.

(Most of these teams would need the Blackhawks to retain 50% and maybe even include a third team to retain more of Toews’s salary to fit under the cap)

Boston Bruins:

With the bruins out to a blazing hot start and the injury worries to start the season, all but in the review mirror, they have their eyes set on a President Trophy and a deep playoff run. The Bruins are not a team that struggles in the faceoff dot, coming in second in the NHL only behind the Chicago Blackhawks. With that said, Toews is still rumored to be a target for the Bruins since the off-season began, and the whispers have only gotten louder with Toews’s performance.

Boston’s top two lines are about lights out, so baring and injury, they aren’t going to change their top six, but Toews could be the perfect third-line center to bolster the forward depth of the Bruins. Toews could slot in on the third line with Zacha, and you could slide Coyle to the wing or play him as the fourth-line center and have the deepest center core in the last twenty seasons. The Bruins are full of older veterans, and should an injury strike, Toews could be the ideal player for the Bruins and the style of play. The Bruins have their first and third-round picks for the next two seasons, but not having a second-round pick could kill the chance of any deal. Toews would have to continue at a torrid pace for his value to reach the first-round pick. Chicago could throw in a later-round selection to push the Bruins into giving up the First round choice.

Colorado Avalanche:

Another team that Toews has been linked to is Colorado. This makes a lot of sense for the Avs. Losing a player like Nazem Kadri will hurt and can’t be easily replaced. With that said, if Colorado can get their hands on Toews, they could be back to being just as deep of a team as they were last season when they went on to win the Stanley Cup. Toews would easily slide onto the third or second line if needed.

The Avalanche have been just putrid in the faceoff dot, coming in at twenty-eighth in the league with a win percentage of 45.2%. Toews would make a significant impact and become the player that Colorado throws out in the defensive zone when they need to win a draw. Colorado has also struggled to kill penalties, with a kill percentage of 72%. Again, Toews could be a game-changer for the Avalanche. Much like Boston, the Avalanche do not have a second-round selection for the next two seasons and would need to part ways with a first-round pick if they are interested in acquiring Toews. The Blackhawks could throw in a later-round pick to push the deal through.

Florida Panthers:

The Panthers don’t have a first-round pick for the next two seasons and have zero reasons not to go all in on a playoff run this season. However, the Panthers have a second-round pick, which could be enough to get Toews. Toews would help the panthers go from an average team in the faceoff dot to a top-ten team. Toews would easily slide in and be the second-best center on the panther’s roster.

If the Panthers want to beat the Lighting and Leafs in the playoffs or dream about contending with the Bruins, they will need to bolster up the center position. The penalty kill also needs a facelift. The panthers are twenty-fifth in the NHL. The question is will the Panthers push the chips in and go all in?

Vegas Golden Knights:

The Knights have been better than anyone predicted. Jack Eichel has been fantastic and is proving why he had the NHL a buzz when he was on the trade block. With Eichel finding his grove and the Blackhawks rebuilding, it could be a match made in heaven. Vegas has shown they aren’t afraid to make big splashy moves.

The Knights could have a one-two-three punch of Eichel, Karlsson, and Toews down the middle, SCARY. The Knights don’t have a second-round pick this year, but they have their first-round choice, and two third-round picks in this year’s draft. Vegas does have next year’s second-round selection, but this year’s draft is DEEP, and Kyle Davidson has made it known he’s eyeing this upcoming draft.

New Jersey Devils:

The Devils have been among the most electric teams in the NHL, and their fans have made it known. New Jersey has a record of 12-3-0. It would take a monumental collapse for the Devils not to make the playoffs. With Hughes and Hischier evolving into NHL all-stars and Jesper Bratt playing his best hockey, the Devils have been one of the best teams in the NHL while getting horrendous goaltending. Akira Schmid has looked good, but he has played only a few games. If the Devils can get just average goaltending, they will be a team to watch out for.

If the Devils want to make a run for the Stanley Cup, they will have to find some experience. The key players are still so young in New Jersey that a leader of Jonathan Toews’s caliber could be the thing. The Devils have their first and second-round picks this season and could trade a second-round selection to try and go on a run to gain experience for a player like Jack Hughes.

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