Report: A Potential Chytil for DeBrusk trade on the table

There is a report that there is possible interest on both Rangers and Bruins sides for a swap 1 for 1 of Chytil and DeBrusk, both former first-round picks. Chytil, primarily center, is 22 left-handed shot and has four goals and seven assists in 38 games. However, some people are saying that Chytil is better suited on the wing with his speed, and I’d have to agree with that since the majority of the times he’s been good has been on the wing. DeBrusk, on the other hand, is 25 and a left-winger with a left-handed shot. It has been told that he is abysmal on his opposite side (right-wing), which would be less versatile. He has seven goals and seven assists in 35 games. The salary cap wouldn’t be a problem in this trade as DeBrusk is an RFA at the end of this year (right now at 3.6 million), and Chytil has two years left at 2.5 million and will be an RFA at the end of it.

Does this make sense for both teams

From the Bruins’ perspective, this makes a lot of sense. DeBrusk seems to have fallen out of favor with the franchise and could desperately use a fresh start. Ever since Krejci left, there has been a hole on their second line .there was once a time people thought Chytil had the potential to be a 2nd line center, even if it’s not for that specific reason just to have a fresh player on the ice instead of a guy that no longer liked is a win.

However, for the Rangers, it just doesn’t make sense. Their left-wing position is jammed up with Panarin Kreider and Lafreniere. Even if you fix that problem, why trade a guy that’s able to play both positions for a player that can only play left-wing? Yes, he could become better than Chytil still; he might as well use Chytil as part of a bigger package to get someone better. If you were to tell me DeBrusk plays the same on the right-wing, then it’s a whole different conversation. It isn’t a secret that the Rangers desperately need help on the right side while DeBrusk doesn’t solve it; it helps.

If this trade were to do down, I honestly don’t see how the Rangers win this trade unless, of course, DeBrusk somehow starts becoming good on the right-wing. The way I see it, this would be great for Boston to get someone fresh and still has potential. For the Rangers, well… Drury has done worse.

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