Author: Jacob Berkowitz

New York Rangers fan that lives in New York,

What Is Taking So Long With Lafreniere’s Contract?

I think it’s safe to say no one envisioned it taking this long. If you were to tell me in June that not only would K’Andre Miller be signed before Lafreniere, but he still wouldn’t be signed mid-August, I’d probably come back to you now asking for the lotto numbers. Well, here we are; Lafreniere […]

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The Rangers’ Problems and Solutions

In the first 17 games of the season, the Rangers have an 8-6-3 record for 19 points. Not the start the Rangers had in mind when they were trying to build from last season’s run to the Eastern Conference Finals. So what’s causing the Rangers to have this unexpectedly slow start to the season? Well, […]

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Opinion: Does it make sense to trade Georgiev

There have been a lot of rumors of teams interested in Georgiev, some of them being Vegas and Edmonton. However, does it makes sense for the Rangers to trade him? Maybe they should keep him with the jam-packed schedule coming up. Or what if Shesterkin goes down with an injury?  Reasons why the Rangers shouldn’t […]

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Report: A Potential Chytil for DeBrusk trade on the table

There is a report that there is possible interest on both Rangers and Bruins sides for a swap 1 for 1 of Chytil and DeBrusk, both former first-round picks. Chytil, primarily center, is 22 left-handed shot and has four goals and seven assists in 38 games. However, some people are saying that Chytil is better […]

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Does Chychrun make sense for the Rangers

Ever since the news broke that Arizona was listening to an offer for Chychrun, the Rangers have been rumored to be interested in him. Though you can say, of course they would, all 32 teams would be interested in a top-pair defenseman. However, not all teams have the assets to make it happen. It has […]

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Mika - New York Rangers

Opinion: Perfecting The Rangers Power Play

While you might be looking at the title of this article and saying to yourself, ‘the Rangers power play is fine,’ or ‘the Rangers power play is good,’ hear me out. The New York Rangers are 7th in the league on the power play. 7th isn’t bad, but I’m sure the team would like to […]

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New York Rangers: Evaluating Players Against Expectations

So far, this season has been a roller coaster. For the first ten games, Shesterkin and Fox carried this team. Then the team got it together and went on a hot streak until finally cooling off a bit before the holiday break. We will go over the big-name players of this team and evaluate how […]

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Chris Drury

Opinion: New York Rangers: Pretenders to Contenders?

The New York Rangers have been a peculiar team this season, having an outstanding record of 19-7-4 in 30 games (3rd in their division as of today), but does that tell the whole story? They are 13-0-1 against teams under .500. However, they are 6-7-2 against teams that are above .500. This record shows that […]

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