Arturs Silovs

Conor Garland Seals Deal for Canucks Win Over Coyotes

The entirety of the first period, no goals were posted, and only 10 shots were recorded between the Arizona Coyotes and Vancouver Canucks. It took just under 30 minutes of play for the game’s first goal to be recorded. After Josh Brown was booked for delay of game, the Canucks 22.4 power play percentage went […]

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Arthur Silvos at a Canucks Press Conference

Silovs’ Path to Greatness: Maximizing Potential in the NHL

A Rising Star: Meet Arturs Silovs In the high-stakes world of the National Hockey League (NHL), Arturs Silovs stands as an exciting figure. This standout goaltender, originating from Latvia, is turning heads as a member of the Vancouver Canucks. His stunning performance and unique skill set have opened the floor to discussions about the optimal […]

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