Kevin Lowe

NHL Game Preview: Edmonton Oilers vs. Arizona Coyotes | 02/19/2024

The day before yesterday’s game, someone on Twitter asked if Edmonton’s recent stretch in February was a cause for concern. They cited stats in the comments section that were comparing their current play to what it was during their 16 straight wins. My take? There is no concern, at least not a massive one. I […]

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A Look Back At Crazy Offer Sheets in the NHL

As a New York Rangers fan, I am well aware of offer sheets. On August 7th of, 1997, the Blueshirts signed the great Colorado Avalanche forward Joe Sakic to a contract offer sheet of $21 million over three seasons. At the time, the team was looking to replace Mark Messier since the “Messiah” went and signed […]

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Opinion: Top 10 Defensemen in Oilers History

In this article, I will be counting down the top 10 Defencemen in the history of the Edmonton Oilers’ storied franchise. The criteria for this list will not include accomplishments that the players achieved for other teams. Instead, I am ranking them based on their contributions as an Oiler and their legacy in Edmonton. For […]

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