Payton Krebbs

Miles Wood New Jersey Devils

The Balance of Power is About to Shift in the Eastern Conference

The same teams have dominated the Eastern Conference in the NHL for the better part of a decade. In all fairness, the Tampa Bay Lightning have dominated the entire league in recent history by winning the past two Stanley Cups, but they are far from the conference’s only powerhouse. The Washington Capitals won the cup […]

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Photo of Jack Eichel

Eichel Saga Nears the End

Jack Eichel trade winds are blowing once again. Rumors around the Buffalo organization are swirling that the sweepstakes have come down to two contenders, Vegas Golden Knights, and Calgary Flames being the lucky two. Many have thought Eichel’s camp has been nearing filing a grievance encompassing the scenario with the Sabres and their refusal to […]

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