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Tony O

Top 5 Chicago Blackhawks goaltenders of all time?

Founded in 1926, the Chicago Blackhawks have had a deep repertoire of goaltenders throughout their history. But who was the best goalie to put the pads on for the Blackhawks? The top 5 goaltenders: Honorable mentions: Nikolai Khabibulin: Khabibulin played only four seasons for the Blackhawks. The Bulin Wall played a total of 206 games […]

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Drew Commesso

Chicago Blackhawks: Top 5 Prospects

Lucas Reichel: Taken 17th overall by Chicago, Reichel by far has the most hype behind him. Standing at 6′ 3″, Lucas brings a solid two-way game. Playing overseas in the DEL has allowed him to get used to playing with grown men, making his adjustment to the AHL smother. Reichel has six goals while scoring […]

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