The Alternate Captaincy Carousel

The Boston Bruins have chosen to go with a rotating alternate captaincy to start the 2021-2022 season in the wake of David Krejci leaving to go back to the Czech Republic. Charlie McAvoy, David Pastrnak, Brandon Carlo, and Taylor Hall have all worn the A at some point during the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick Foligno, Craig Smith, and Charlie Coyle also get some time with the A this season. This all raises the question of Who will get the A permanently? I don’t see the rotation of the A ending until closer to the deadline, the player who steps up the most and has the biggest presence felt both on and off the ice will be the one to get it. 

Why Should Each Player Be Considered?

Nick Foligno, Foligno will likely be one of the top candidates for the A because he has previously captained the Columbus Blue Jackets. The only issue would be his experience with this group which he’s had little time with to get to know the bruins style and how the organization views certain topics.

Charlie McAvoy, McAvoy is going to be highly considered by the team because of the presence he has as a younger player on the ice. If he were to get the A, he would bring a younger voice into the leadership group, and by giving him the A you are grooming him into the role of a future captain when Bergeron and Marchand are gone.

Brandon Carlo, Carlo I think is seen as one of the top guys to take over the job by the coaches and team management. He wore the A during the Lake Tahoe game when David Krejci wasn’t available. Looking at the Islanders series during the 2021 playoffs he had a huge presence. Not to mention, Carlo is the Bruins NHLPA player rep.

David Pastrnak, Pastrnak should be considered for much of the same reasons as McAvoy, he will bring a younger presence to the leadership group. Pastrnak would bring a fun character into the group and he is an all-around fun guy but knows when to be serious. 

Taylor Hall, Hall has previously worn an A as a part of the New Jersey Devils. Hall would bring a balance between a younger look on things to the group but also knows the game as a veteran and a guy who’s been through it all. Hall is a player who is excited and understands what it means to be a Boston Bruin and understands the role he would have to fill if he got the A.

My Personal Thoughts On Who Should Get The A

I am torn between Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo, they both bring good aspects as leaders in the group and understand what needs to be done. For as long as I can remember there has always been a letter on the Defense. If I had to select one of the two from I’d say Carlo wins the spot by a hair. Carlo I think has emerged as the front runner because of him getting to wear the A last year in Tahoe in place of Krejci. Nobody will be able to replace Krejci’s leadership in the room. At the end of the day no matter who gets the A everyone who has gotten a chance to wear it this season is one of the leaders in the room regardless if they get to wear the letter or not.

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