The Columbus Blue Jackets celebrated Hockey is for Everyone vs the Toronto Maple Leafs

Inclusive; not excluding any of the parties or groups involved in something

Last night the Columbus Blue Jackets and Toronto Maple Leafs squared off at Nationwide Arena. A game that saw the Blue Jackets fall 3-0, but that was not the focus of the game. The Blue Jackets hosted a yearly NHL tradition: “Hockey is for everyone.” In an attempt to help people love being kind to one another and simply to love someone who may need to just enjoy the hospitality the NHL offers at the event and get away from any stigma they may feel, “Hockey is for Everyone” is geared to do just that.

The NHL is embracing ALL cultures, religions, sexual orientations, handicaps, race, foreigners, neurodiversity, and many more. Basically, the NHL is attempting to break stigmas by getting people to change their thinking, which has held some fractions of people hostage for years.

As hockey fans, we love a certain team. As human beings, we need to love all; that is the greatest thing we can do. If we can learn to do this, then hatred will be lost. This begins a cultural shift from segregating to including. It does not feel good if you have been picked last for a team, play, or project. That is because you were singled out and segregated for a perceived stronger person or candidate. It feels much different when you are included.

The NHL has taken a stand, which says humility and gentleness because everyone is worthy of being loved. I know that fans will high-five each other at a game after a big goal or game-changing hit. I have seen fans high-five many people all around them. This is inclusion at its best.

The hope and goal of the NHL’s “Hockey is for Everyone” is that fans will take that with them when they leave the arenas. That it will not be just “putting on a brave face” or “tolerating for a little while.” That loving ALL people will carry over into personal lives. Treat others as you want to be treated.

The world needs more love and, I dare say, healing. By accepting and loving others, this can begin to take hold.

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