Day: February 5, 2022

Picture of Adam Fox

Chris Drury Mid-Season Grade (part 1 of 2)

Midseason grades for players have been coming out during the past week on seemingly every publication. It makes sense given the fact there are no NHL games till Monday. So, while everyone else focuses on the players, let’s take a look at the much-maligned moves of Chris Drury after he was thrust into his duties […]

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Hurricanes Will Host Stadium Series Game in 2023

Before the All-Star weekend festivities, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced a number of events and news items pertaining to the 2023 NHL season and beyond. Along with announcing the location of next year’s All-Star festivities, which will take place in Sunrise, Florida, Bettman announced two of next year’s outdoor games: The Winter Classic in Boston […]

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