Taxi Squad

Empty NHL Building

NHL Adjusts Covid Mechanisms To Meet Growing Issues

There has been a tremendous amount of covid issues surrounding the NHL. As the outbreak continues to grow, it would appear the NHL has finally decided to acknowledge that playing games with fewer than the needed players isn’t a great idea. The two primary changes agreed to by the NHL and NHLPA are the re-introduction […]

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Opinion: Bring back the Taxi Squad

After a season with the Taxi squad and no fans in the stands, the NHL has returned to a somewhat regular schedule once again. With all but one player in the League vaccinated, NHL players and staff members alike looked at this as a “return to normalcy.” Reality has shown us this season is far […]

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Toronto Maple Leafs Taxi Squad

Could The NHL Be Bringing Back The Taxi Squad?

When we all thought we were returning to some sense of normal, Covid-19 has started to creep back into our hockey lives. The Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights and Colorado Avalanche have already had issues with positive Covid tests at this point in the season and this morning, we’ve found out that the Winnipeg […]

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