Day: November 2, 2021

Week 3 Fantasy Wrap-up & Waiver Wire

While the NHL season continues to march on, the Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers, Edmonton Oilers, and St. Louis Blues lead their respective divisions. Covid protocol and early-season injury bugs have ravaged the league and the fantasy world at the same time. While a player missing 3 games in an 82 game season isn’t the end […]

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Gary Bettman Press Conference

Opinion: Why It’s Time For New Leadership in the NHL

There have been many news stories and scandals surrounding the NHL that have called into question the integrity and honestly of leadership at the most senior levels in the NHL. The questioning is warranted, and some might even argue that there should be way more than questioning. According to the infamous Allan Walsh of Octagon-Hockey, […]

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Patrick Kane 3rd all-time

Opinion: The Blackhawks Win, Kane’s Historic Night.

The gorilla is finally off Chicago’s back! It took until November 1st for Chicago to finally give the fans something to cheer about. It was an excellent final 40 minutes of the game for the Blackhawks after another slow first period where Fleury kept the team in the game and allowed the players to get […]

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Picture of Adam Fox

Fox signs 7yr Extension in Manhattan

Since Fox played at Harvard, it has been clear that he wanted to play for the Rangers. Being a New York native, born in Jericho NY, it only makes sense that Fox would want to play for a local team. After holding out in Calgary, being sent to Carolina, and holding out to be traded […]

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